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I'm on accutane
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in imonaccutane01's LiveJournal:

Friday, August 20th, 2004
8:46 am
I just got some Nioxin the other day. I got it at a store by me called "Beauty Is..." The lady there was SOOO nice! She told me about some other stuff by Nexxus that does the same thing, but it's cheaper. Like, my bottle of Nioxin was $13.00 and the same size bottle of the Nexxus stuff was $9.00. But I went with the Nioxin becuase of all the great reviews I've heard. It smells kind of... menthol-y. Which I'm not too crazy about. And it doesn't lather real well. But hey, if it works, I'll be happy.

I got the kind for chemically-treated hair since I dye my hair about once a month. I'll post back if/when I can tell it's working...

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, August 12th, 2004
10:45 am
Derm appointment today
I just got back from a dermatologist's appointment. I told her about my eyes, and she said that yeah, that does happen to some people. I showed her the drops that the opthalmologist had given me (Lotemax .5%), and she said that sometimes she can prescribe drops for people, but she said these must be new since she hadn't heard of them. But they're a steroid, so she said they'll work well, too.
Oh! And she gave me a little explanation of why my eyes were freaking out-- apparently (i didn't know this), right up under your eyelid there's a little oil-producing gland that helps keep a lubricated film over your eye. But then since the Accutane attacks all oil-producing glands, it made that one stop, too. But, ohhhh, the drops work so well! I can see clearly again, and my eyes are very very close to white (there's like 2 big red veins still visible, eww)

But since my eyes were so not happy, we decided to deviate from the original plan (which was to bump me up to 80mg for my last month). Now, I'm going to take 40mg for a month, and then 20mg for a month after that. I guess that's not so bad. But yay I don't have to go back to the derm's for 2 months! I don't like giving blood, or peeing in a little cup. Ew.

Ok, I am definitely noticing some hair thinning. I thought it was my imagination for awhile, but it's not. This sucks. I think I'll try out that Nioxin stuff. Blarr. Also, my arms are dry, and so are my legs. Lips dry, too. And I've been incredibly tired all the time. I know that's one of the side effects, but seriously- before the Accutane I was hyper. I'd be like "Let's stay up and watch movies 'til 1 am and then i have to get up for work tomorrow but i want some Taco Bell weeee let's go let's go!" and stuff. Now i'm falling asleep at work every day. I went for a walk last night and I thought I'd drop down on the pavement by the end of it! Let's hope all this stuff decreases when I drop my dosage!!

Current Mood: crappy
Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
11:49 am
The Red Eyed Monster Strikes Again!
Arrgh. You may have seen my post in accutaneusers about the blurred vision, but in case not, I'll copy and paste the gist of it...
Here's my story: I posted about my eyes being red and dry a little while ago. Well, they're still pink, but I've kept them semi-under control with Visine and artificial tears. Something like one or two drops every other day (so i'm not over-using them). Anyway, about a week or two ago, I noticed that my vision in my right eye is slightly blurred when I look off into the distance. I have the most problems when looking at like car tail lights, and neon signs and stuff-- it's like they're glaring, instead of having smooth lines. The weird thing is, this doesn't happen when I wear my contacts. When I've got my contacts in, I can see fine! But then the problem becomes scary Rat Monster Red-Eye.

Ok, so I went to the family doc yesterday, and she referred me to an opthalmologist. Sooo, I went to an appointment this morning (I was there for 2 hours grrr). But the doctor was very nice (annnnd he looked a bit like Dylan McDermott!), and he said that my eyes were so dry and irritated that it was making my vision all blurry. Also, he said it was most likely the accutane because he's seen this in a few other accutane-users. I told him that I'd been using Visine and artificial tears (which he said were better than Visine), but they hadn't been doing much. So he gave me eye drops that I have to use four times a day and I have to go back and see him in two weeks. He said my red eye and blurred vision should clear up within a week. So keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

I've got a derm appointment on Thursday and I'll have to ask her about all of this. I do *NOT* want to go for another month (at an upped dosage, too!) if it means i'll be having problems with my eyes. I can forgive most of the other side effects (even the hair thinning), but I do NOT want to mess with my poor little peepers. Eep.

On the upside: my skin is SO MUCH BETTER!!! Since my last derm visit (over a month ago) I think I've had like 3 cysts, but they cleared up pretty quickly. Which is not bad considering I used to get new cysts every few days, and they'd last over a week most times.

Skin- still dry. Not sure on the flakiness since I exfoliate regularly. The skin around my fingernails seems to be a little more dry and prone to hang-nails. I made a sugar scrub the other night, and it really seemed to help with the dry skin. A bit oily, tho- I'll have to tweak my recipe.

Ok, I'm tired and I've got a headache. I'll post again after the derm visit on Thursday.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, July 19th, 2004
8:58 pm
Man, I look like a red-eyed monster! My eyes feel slightly dry, but they are REALLY red. This started on Thursday, but I think I may have irritated them because I was staring so hard at my computer screen at work. Eye strain maybe? Ugh, I dunno. I think I'll have to wear my contacts only on weekends for a while... I've been using Visine, but it hasn't been helping much. I had 2 people ask me if I'd been crying today! Blaaargh. At least I've only got a month and a half left...

Body aches and pains still there. I busted out a yoga tape just a little while ago (Christmas present). I feel relaxed now, but I'll see if it makes me feel like crap in the morning. However, I did notice that my back doesn't ache nearly as much, and neither do my knees... hmm.

Random post, just to report the awful dry red-eye. Blaah.
Thursday, July 8th, 2004
2:06 pm
Sooo, guess what reared it's ugly head last night? If you said The Acne Monster, you're right! Yep, one HUGE cyst on my chin (between my lower lip and chin, so it's really visible), and one slightly smaller one on my jawline. *sob* Now I remember how much I hate these things. It's gross- it just came up outta nowhere. It's really big and really hard, too. *sigh*

God I hate this so very much. I had completely clear skin for about a week and a half. I feel almost like I jinxed myself, because I had started taking my clear skin for granted. I got to sleep in for 5 precious extra minutes because i don't have to slather concealer on every inch of my face.

Nooo, sometime during the night, the Acne Monster crept into my room and punched me in the face with a "Ha HA! Take THAT! Thought you could escape from me, did you? THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM MEEE!!! RARARARARRR!"

On the upside- I just found out last night that one of my very best friends in the world took accutane awhile ago. His results were a m a z i n g. See, freshman year of high school, he had horrible acne. I mean the kind where your whole face is broken out with large red welts and stuff. It was bad (but i still loved him anyway!!) But then when he came back sophmore year- flawless skin. I mean it, he has some of the most beautiful boy-skin i've ever seen. In fact, I don't think i've seen a blemish on him since then.

So anyway, maybe there's hope for me yet...

Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
10:19 am
Pain BAD! *sniffle* Heh, this is going to be a loooong post all about accutane-related PAIN...

First off, I have a mixture of good and bad news. The bad news is-- well, remember my cartilege piercing? And how it was disgustingly swollen, and the derm said it was forming a keloid, and she gave me a shot, and it hurt, but then it got better for a few months?

It swelled up again!!! *sob*

Saturday morning, I woke up on my right side (the side the piercing's on), and I remember the piercing hurting a little. No big deal, I thought, since I had been sleeping on that side, so it was probably just sore from being slept on funny. Well, during the day, it got more swollen and more painful and awful. But I put a little Bactine on it (I use the Bactine for when my belly button piercing acts up), and the pain lessened, and it stopped the piercing from getting worse. HOWEVER, I fell asleep over at my boyfriend's house, and when I woke up-- ouch city. The piercing was even more swollen and painful. Like, my hair would brush against it and it'd hurt. Not good.

So, I went home, and I freaking doused the piercing in Bactine. I figured since I had to go to the doctor's to get this looked at again, and had to wait until Tuesday (both doc's and derm's closed until then), I might as well try to take away some of the pain and swelling. Also, Bactine works WONDERS for when my navel piercing gets swollen and unpleasant.

What I did was, I soaked a cotton ball with bactine. Then I held the cotton ball on my piercing (I stretched the cotton ball so I could hold it on the front and back of the piercing at the same time) then I held the cotton ball there for a few minutes-ish. I may have wriggled the earring around a little, I don't know- it was 7am and I was half-asleep. Then I took the cotton ball off and added a little bit of the ointment my derm had given me the last time my piercing acted up. Then I went to sleep for 5 more hours.

Guess what I realized when I woke up? THE PIERCING WAS SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!! It was half the swollen size! I didn't touch it for the rest of the day, and it (slowly) got even better!!! I was SO RELIEVED!! I had already resigned myself to the thought that I'd HAVE to take out my earring. It looks like there's maybe some hope for my favorite piercing after all?

I swabbed the piercing last night (i just used a q-tip) before bed, and this morning, it looked even better! It's ALMOST back to completely normal-- it's still a weee bit puffy and it still hurts when i poke at it. I'm going to clean the piercing with Bactine twice a day, and I'll post the results of that.

More pain: My back is SORE. I made the mistake of lifting a heavy box this morning. I picked it up ok (it was high off the ground), but when i squatted to put it down-- OW FREAKIN' OW!! I thought I was going to fall over and cry. This sucks, because usually I can lift heavy stuff, no problem. Oh well... man, did that hurt!!!

On the DEFINITELY UP (and completely unrelated) SIDE: I turn 21 in 6 days!!! Yay yay yay!!!

Current Mood: drained
Friday, July 2nd, 2004
10:33 am
Another derm visit
You know, I've been thinking. When I first started this journal, I fully intended on posting like at least once a week. But now it's really more like once, maybe twice a month. I've noticed that trend with a lot of accutane journals. I think it's because in the beginning, it's new and kind of exciting. You can post stories about "eek! today was my first day of flakey skin!" or "Oh no! nosebleed!' But then everything kind of settles down and it's like "Another day of flakey skin and achey joints. Woopie." So now, I only really post when something new is happening, or I go to the derm...

Went to the derm the other day. She said everything looked fine, and my skin looked much better. I have to agree- it really does. I'm so excited! I had a few small blemishes, but the derm said they were just superficial-- meaning NOT the big horrible cyst Godzilla zits I used to get all the time. She also said that this could be my last month, but I would probably want to tack on another month, just to be sure. Fine, I can live with that.

You know what's the first thing I'll do when I finish my accutane? Put on lipstick. And lipliner. And wear it alllll day. Every day. For a week. ((haha- can you tell i miss wearing lipstick? cursed chapped lips!))

Skin- still dry, and itchy from dryness. Forarms- extra dry and scaley. Tip of nose, nostrils, chin- flakey. Ear piercings- fine. Navel piercing- infected and gross-looking. Hair- needs to be re-dyed, and looking a little thin. I may try that Nioxin stuff I've been hearing about, but I'm going to wait until I hear a review from mittens_of_doom first.

My neck has some random teeny red spots on it, all over. I dunno what they are. My derm saw them and figured they were either teeny bug bites, or a minor rash. I'll just keep putting lotion on them, since my neck is so dry anyways.

Ok, that's all for now- I'm getting sleepy...

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
9:27 am
So sleeepy...
I have been so sleepy lately! I'm sure it's due to the accutane. I hate it extra though, because I'd been drinking so much coffee that caffeine has no effect on me anymore, so I can't even grab a cuppa joe on friday nights to keep me awake. (My poor boyfriend- I'm only 20 and i fall asleep at his house by 11 every friday night).

Also, hellooooo joint pain! My back has been tired and complainey. But so have my knees and feet! The derm said that was a little unusual, but I think it's because of all the stress I put my legs from intense marching for 4 years in high school. (By the end of it, everyone in my section except me had to wear knee and/or ankle braces).

And here come the headaches. About an hour after I wake up they start. The giant ibuprofen bottle is my new best friend. Sometimes the headache will go away completely, but more often than not, it just comes back in the late afternoon.

Face- still dry. Fewer blemishes, so that's good. I'm still having problems with my left cheek, though. Maybe it's because of that-time-of-the-month? Everything else is the same, though.

Maybe I'll post longer/better next time. I'm just too tired right now *yawn*...
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
3:51 pm
Laazy lazy me...
I'm feeling lazy, so this'll be a short post. I haven't updated in awhile because nothing really notable happened. Well, I've still been breaking out, but that's just annoying, not really notable.

I went to the derm yesterday. She said she might bump my dosage up next time. I gave her this look o_0 and she said "Or maybe not."

My back and knees have been hurting lately. The derm said it's because of the accutane; also, if it became unbearable, they would definitely not up my dosage. It's not unbearable, just very annoying. (It makes me feel old!)

Everything still dry. I've had to use supper-extra-moisturizing stuff on my face to keep flakeys away. But the good thing is that I don't have to touch up my makeup throughout the day!

Oh yeah, my 21st is next month (woo-hooo!) but I'll still be on accutane, so I asked if it was ok for one drink. The derm said I could have 2 or 3. Awesome. (I'm going to order a mud slide, a fuzzy navel, and a harvey wallbanger)

Everything else is the same. Oh, except I'm breaking out on my cheeks and along my jawline :(

I can't WAIT until this is over with!!

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Friday, May 14th, 2004
10:16 am
Wooo new icon!
I don't really have anything new to report, I suppose, but I just wanted to show off my new icon :)

Ok, on the cartilege piercing- so far so good. I don't wanna jinx it!!! I've made sure not to touch it, or rotate the ring (since the derm said that was what was causing the irritation). One day I gently touched it and noticed that it hurt a little bit, so I applied some of this goo the derm gave me and it seemed ok after that. I'm still on pins and needles about it, though. I really will cry if I have to take it out. Now my belly-button piercing is acting up, though. It hurts and it's kind of... oozy (very gross). I'm just gonna take good care of it and see if that helps.

On the subject of piercings, this is kind of weird, but I read an article like 2 weeks ago about the side effects of accutane. In the article it said that "keloid formation" can happen, but then something about the person being more susceptible to keloids for like 3 years afterwards. I didn't save the article (unfortunately), but does anyone know what that's all about?? I hope I'm remembering it wrong, since I really want to get more piercings after I'm done with the accutane... oh well.

My upper arms are getting a little bit dry again- I've noticed some patches of eczema (boooo). There's also a wee little patch forming on my eyelid (yeah, gross, i know). I haven't noticed any face flakeyness, but I've been exfoliating and moisturizing religiously. I tell you where's really dry, tho- my back. Right between my shoulder blades :(

My face doesn't seem to be getting oily anymore, though. Like I can go all day at work without having to touch up my makeup anymore. I hope it stays like this!!

My nose is still dry and I still have bloody boogies (ewww), but now they're on BOTH sides of my nose. And they're hard. This is disgusting. But I'm still writing it because it's relevant... sorta. The soreness in my back seems to have gotten better- I still have joint pain, but it's not bad.

I have dry scalp. Ew. I try to help it by only washing my hair once a day (I used to have to wash it twice a day!) or even every other day. It just seems flakey in the front part of my head, though. It's not too bad, though- it's not like I get flakes all over the place or anything. That would SUCK.

Lips are still chapped, but I discovered a new lip balm! It's called "Cococare Cocoa Butter lip balm with sunscreen." It's 99 cents at Walgreens and it is fan-freaking-tastic. It's like vaseline (in that it sticks around for awhile and moisturizes like vaseline) but it's in a tube, which makes it sooooo much easier (i HATE applying lip balm with my fingers)! Also, it has a nice shine to it. Hooray! I find that with this stuff, I only have to re-apply once every 2 hours (or more), unlike with every other lip balm where I was re-applying it every half hour. It is a bit gooey, though, but so is vaseline. Oh well, I love it!

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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
11:38 am
Arrrrr! I woke up this morning, gently exfoliated my face in the shower, moisturized, and began applying my makeup. I was foundationing my forehead when I noticed- EVIL FLAKEYS!! Yes, my ENTIRE forehead was flakey! And so was the tip of my nose!! EWWWWWW!! I wiped off the foundation (with a towel) and applied a heavey moisturizer. It's STILL flakey. I hate flakey skin the most 'cuz then it makes my foundation go on all not-smooth.

On the up side, my forearms are not scaley anymore! I used some of this Nutrogena lotion that the derm gave me, and now I don't even have to apply it every day- I skip a few days in between and my skin is STILL nice and smoooth.

Also, my piercing is all better!! YAAAAAAY! I waited a whole week, but when I finally inspected my piercing-- it looks better now than it EVER has! I just hope that it stays like this... I will seriously cry my eyes out if I have to ditch my favorite piercing.

On to the GROSSER stuff ((if anyone is grossed out by nose-related updates, SKIP to the next paragraph, 'cuz THIS ONE IS GROSS)) My nose is still dry (with bloody boogies), but I'm all stuffed up 'cuz of my allergies. Well, only partially stuffed up-- it's the stage where there's not enough snot to blow my nose and get rid of it, but when I do the snort-and-swallow method, it won't swallow, it just stays in the back of my throat and annoys the hell outta me.

I'm thinking about dying my hair blonde. But I dunno if it'll make my hair look even MORE thin (which would be extra-bad if the Accutane IS thinning out my hair). So maybe I'll just keep dying it black. Oh well.

And, as usual, my lips are CRAZY-chapped. It's even worse since they upped my dosage. Arrgh. Poor poor lips. If anyone can recommend a good lip balm- please let me know!!

Oh, and I've noticed that my lower back has been sore. It feels like... you know when you sleep on your arm funny? How it's kind of stiff and sore at the same time? Yeah, that's what it feels like. Sometimes my knees hurt as well, but not all that much. Mainly my lower back. :(
Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
1:47 pm
Upped my dosage...
I went to the derm yesterday, and I told her about my super-oiliness. She said she'd up my dosage (she said she was thinking about it last time i was there- after only one month on accutane- but she wasnt's absolutely positive), so now I'm on 60mg. BUT she told me they don't make 60 mg pills (or they weren't available or something), so I have to alternate between taking one pill one day and two the next day.

Oh, yeah- remember how I was complaining about my piercing? Well, it acted up twice within the past month (it's MUCH better now), but I asked the derm about it. She said not to move the earring around because when the ring was sliding back and forth through the piercing, that was irritating it. Then they gave me a cortisone injection. Right in the little bump surrounding my piercing. It hurt. I'm not gonna lie- I whimpered... but then again, I'm a wuss. I'm not allowed to touch it for a week, but the derm said the injection would flatten down the little bump and prevent my ear from getting freakishly swollen again.

My nose is dry. Which sucks because I have majorly evil allergies. So my nose is dry, itchy, and full of snot. I haven't had another nosebleed, but (this is gross) my right nostril has bloody boogies in it. Yeah, that's gross, but I figured it was relevant since one side affect is nosebleeds... But it's opnly my right nostril. How weird.

I'm not positive, but I think my hair feels a little thinner. Of course it could be a number of things- I just never noticed how thin it is, new shampoo (Pantene thickening), different hair dye, oiliness popping up again, etc.

My forearms are scaley again. I'm trying really hard to keep them moisturized, but I forget a lot. The derm told me I really have to start babying my skin and moisturizing really well or else I could get rashes, or something. Ew ew ew.

And, as usual, my lips are crazy-chapped.

And, since the following story is really gross (yet pertains to a gigantic cyst i had on the side of my face for over a month), AND I want to learn how to use a lj-cut, Grossest story ever- NOT for the faint of heart...Collapse )

I hope the lj-cut worked!

Current Mood: allergy-y
Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
11:11 pm
Ick. I just got a nosebleed. I was just washing my face when i looked up at the mirror and noticed the blood. I don't mind blood, but when it's coming out of *me*, it usually makes me freak a little. My lips are chapped, my face is STILL oily and my piercings are acting up. AND I've got a GIANT cyst that's been on the side of my face for over a MONTH. *siiiigh*

I went to the doctor on Friday because my cartilege piercing (over 2 years old) was pretty swollen and it hurt. That's the second time it's done that in the past three weeks. The doctor gave me some anti-biotics, and said it was a keloid. Boo. When I asked her if she thought the accutane had anything to do with it (since i've NEVER had problems with it until i started the accutane), she said that it could be that the accutane was irritating the piercing and that was what was making it swell. Then she goes "I don't want to scare you, but if you WANT TO KEEP THIS PIERCING you have to take really good care of it and go find an earring that is the most UN-irritating one ever." I dunno what that is (i've heard both sterling silver and gold), but I'm headed up to a piercing place this week to ask them about it. There is NO freaking way i'm giving up my piercings. I just love them too much.
This has been making me really worried and sad the whole week. I mean, i don't want to stop the accutane, but I also don't want to harm my piercings. Arrrgh, it figures-- this kind of stuff ALWAYS happens to me.

Anyways, I've noticed that I've been getting a lot of headaches lately. I've heard other people mention these, but boooo anyway.

I REALLY REALLY hope i can last another 3 and a half months *sob*...
Friday, April 9th, 2004
10:42 am
Piercing trouble?
Ok, this is going to sounds really weird, but I figured what the hey...

Has anyone else had problems with body piercings acting up? At the beginning of my second month, my cartilege piercing got really swollen. The piercing is 2 years old, so it's not fresh, or anything. The derm said it was a keloid. I've had it swell a little bit in the past, but usually i'd just apply a little Ear Care and it would go away on it's own. But this was really really swollen. So, the derm gave me some antibiotics and some cream stuff, and after 5 days it went away (but it got REALLY nasty and infected-looking before it finally DID go away).
Now, two weeks later, it's happening again. Within the course of one day (yesterday) it went from looking normal to being red and swollen and nasty-looking. I've been looking at my belly-button ring (1 year old) and it seems to be acting a little funny, too. The derm is closed today, so I'm going to my family doctor in a few hours.

Is this a side effect, or is my body just going weirdo on me? Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them??
Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
9:21 pm
Evil shineyness AND scaley dryness...
Must be my lucky week *sarcasm*... This is gonna sound really gross, but I'm gonna share anyways. Ok, this morning, on my way to work, I was just minding my own business when I happened to touch my left forearm and... REPTILE SKIN!! Seriously- I have NEVER had skin so dry before. It was literally scaley and my elbow felt like sandpaper. EW. Also, the backs of my hands and sides of my forearms are so dry that every teeny tiny little line has gotten like, raised and rough. It's really hard to explain. Think of it like this: if every teeny little line on your hand turned red and became a teeny line of sandpaper. Haha- that's SO not a good description. But that's what it's like. It looks like a rash- it's SO gross. I just keep putting on lotion and hoping for the best.

So between the constant re-powdering of my face, and the constant aplying of lotion... ugh. Just ugh.

Also, it's driving me NUTS that I can't wax my eyebrows. They're gross and hairy. Hehehe- like two blonde caterpillars! Well, not that bad... yet.
Sunday, April 4th, 2004
11:28 am
Evil shineyness!!
Ok, I think I've come to terms with my shineyness. It was bugging the absolute hell out of me, but I got to thinking about it. In the winter, my face is super-dry, and I always had to use heavy moisturizer, even when i wasn't on accutane. But in the summer, I never used any kind of moisturizer at all, because if i did, my face would get crazy-oily. So, i guess now that it's summer time, my face is just doing what it always does. That kind of freaks me out, because if it's oily when i'm ON the accutane, what kind of nasty oil-slick would i have if i WASN'T taking it? Ewwww.
So, here's what i've been doing to deal with the greasies: Wash my face with some Aveeno foaming cleanser that i have in my shower. Dry off. Moisturize my cheeks (they're still dry), and the bridge of my nose, but NO WHERE else. It's weird that JUST the bridge of my nose (well, and the tip, i guess) need moisture, but the sides of my nose are where the oilyness STARTS showing up. Anyway, if I follow this routine, I only have to re-powder once ever couple of hours, instead of once AN HOUR like i was doing.

Aside from the oilyness, I've had some minor breaking out. Mostly on my cheeks- and unfortunately, they're the cystic gigantic-nasty-bump kind.

Oh well. I guess one thing I'm thankful for (in a really backwards weird way) is that I've DEALT with gigantic blemishes, extreme flakey dryness, and oily nastiness in the PAST, so I know pretty much what to do, and more impotrantly, HOW TO COVER IT UP WITH MAKE-UP! I've been wearing full-face makeup for so long (7 years now... and I'm only 20) that I know lots of tricks and all that.... doesn't make me feel any better about my acne, though. *sigh* Come on, July!!
Thursday, March 25th, 2004
8:32 am
Okay, quick update today...
My skin is SO much better! All those blackheads are gone! It was really weird, within the course of like 3 or 4 days, all the bumpiness went away, and now my skin in smooth again (in the previously bumpy areas, anyway). They're just coming out on their own, which I know sounds really gross, but that's what's happening. So, yay!

Down side is that my lips are crazy-dry. This sucks. I'm still looking for something that works for them. Well, actually, petroleum jelly works REALLY well, but i can't carry a tub of it around with me. Although, I really am starting to consider it.

Also, my arms have just freaked out on me and have become desert-like. Ew. They're rough and dry and the driness is causing these teeeny little cracks that from far away loo like a blotchy rash. I keep thinking people are looking at my arms and wondering if I'm contagious. But they're getting better- I just have to keep moisturizing like crazy.

I freaked a little the other day because I thought my hair was getting thinner (which they warn you about in the side effects list), but I think it was just my shampoo, because I used a different shampoo and it felt better. Hmm, I guess I'll have to keep an eye on that.
Another thing I've noticed is that I seem to be a lot more tired than usual. Hmm.

GOOD news: I was pimple-free for almost a week!! This is a MAJOR accomplishment, because for the past year and a half, I've had three clear days total... well, clear meaning no new pimples for a whole day. I got three new ones (all on my cheeks) so far. But I think that's more because of my period (i always break out around that time).

Now, if only I can get rid of these old acne scars, I'd be happy as a clam... oh well, one step at a time, I s'pose.
Sunday, March 14th, 2004
1:03 pm
Yuck! Blackheads!! This is really weird for me, 'cuz I've never had a problem with blackheads before. I can see them, and it's like they're raised, so my skin feels all bumpy. It's all around my nose and all over my chin. Gross gross gross. Someone suggested those face strip things where you stick them on and then yank them off.

I've noticed that my ezcema is acting up more than usual, too. I've got some on my forearms and on my back (which sucks, 'cuz I can't reach that area -right between my shoulder blades- to put lotion on. And i am NOT asking someone to do that for me- grody.

My lips are crazy-dry. The ONLY thing that works for me is straight-up vaseline, but I can't carry around a whole tub of it, so I guess I'm off in search of a tiny tube of it. Actually, I've heard some good things about some new lip balm they've put out, so maybe I'll go hunt for that today.

The GOOD news is that I don't have to powder my face every hour to keep the shineyness away. YAAAAAAAAAY!!! I've had to re-powder often since... 8th grade? Yep. This past year, it was so bad that if I DIDN'T re-powder, by the end of the day, my makeup would be sliding off my face. Ew. Man, I hope my face stays like this after I stop taking the accutane. Shineyness sucks.

Haven't had too much of a problem with peeling, but I exfoliate religiously, so I think that helps. Exfoliation and moisturization are my two best friends...
Thursday, March 4th, 2004
2:55 pm
Dry skin is not fun...
Ick ick ick. I got halfway through my day at school yesterday when I look in the mirror, and -ewww- the skin on the tip of my nose was flakey. Gross. I've started exfoliating the tip of my nose and my chin nightly now. Then I use a super-moisturizing lotion on the flakey areas. As gross as this is, at least it's something I've dealt with in the past, so at least it didn't freak me out. I think the dry skin is making my chin and nose itchy, too. Blahhhh.

Another thing I've noticed is that I seem to be getting a few little blemishes on my left cheek. But, hey, I'm just thankful they're not the big painful cysts I usually get (knock on wood). My face seems redder, too, which i definitely am not crazy about.

I picked up a bottle of Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer SPF 15. I've heard lots of good things about it. However, when I first put it on, it doesn't seem to absorb all that well. Eh.

Oh yeah, I just wanted to say to feel free to post any questions, comments, recommendations, makeup tips, etc that you might have. And does anybody read this journal??
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
2:40 pm
One week!
Hello everybody! I'll make this a quick intro. My name's Marie, and I just started Accutane one week ago (my dose is 40mg once a day). I've seen a very few other journals from people who are on accutane, and I wanted to share my experience as well. The other journals really helped my with some of my fears and questions, so I guess I hope that maybe I can do the same for someone else.

And now, on with the weekly (or so) report!
Hmm... well, my lips are definitely drier than usual. So are my hands... but I bet it also has to do with the dry cold weather a little bit as well. I can't wait 'til spring- bring on the nice humid air!

Skin: I *thought* my skin was doing alright (as far as dryness) but I woke up this morning, did my usual morning routine (including a full face of makeup), and riiiight as I was about to walk out the door I noticed my chin was flakey! Eww!! Nothing I could do but try to fix it as best I could (moisturize a bit). Of course now I'm at work like "ew ew ew, i bet everyone's staring and it's itchy!" Also, my scalp seems drier than normal. But then again, I've always had a dry scalp (thank youuuu, eczema), so maybe it's just because I dyed my hair a few days ago. If it doesn't calm down, I'll look into getting a shampoo or something (i used to use the Nutrogena T Gel a long time ago).

However, I am VERY happy to report that for the first week, I only had 2 blemishes (whereas before I was getting one or two per day and they'd last around 2 days or so... if I was lucky, and then they'd go away and leave a nice dark scar.. *sigh*) BUT, I think the clear-face-ness has more to do with the antibiotics the derm gave me (Z-Pak, 5 days- to clear up the initial break-out that usually comes with Accutane during the first few days), than the actual Accutane.

*sigh* Is 5 months up yet??

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